Columbia River Salmon with Bud's Diver!

Winter Walleye

Winter Lake Trout

Summer Smallies on the River

Senko Bass

River Walleye with Jon

Rainbows on Grubs

Ocean Bottom Fish

Night Walleye with Jon

Sight Fishing with Lizards

Laker Fishing with Pops

Stream fishing with Kids

Snake River Smallmouth

Proven techniques for Largemouth and Smallmouth bass

Drop-Shotting lake trout with the Old Man Pt. 1

Drop-Shotting lake trout with the Old Man Pt. 2

Bulltrout on the Leviathan Pt. 1

Bulltrout on the Leviathan Pt. 2

Crappie fishing with the kid

Trolling up fall smallmouth bass

Rainbow Trout in Odd Places

Steelhead on the Fly Pt. 2

Steelhead on the Fly Pt. 1

Smallmouth Bass fishing with Kids

Jigging up River Walleye

Rainbow Trout on Bass Minnows

Trolling Lead-core for Rainbows

Drop-Shot River Walleye in Current

Lake Trout Conservation

Trolling for Ocean Coho Salmon

Bitsy Buggin Largemouth Bass

Spring and fall walleye

Late summer river smallmouth

Pitch'n for pre-spawn largemouth bass

Kids Day

Smallmouth at the Dam

Night Walleye with Dad pt2

Night Walleye with Dad pt1

Year In Review: Drop Shotting

Post spawn reservoir smallmouth

California dreaming of big largemouth bass

Giant fall pike on in-line spinners

Stream cutthroat on plastics

Pike on Swimbaits

Night Bass

Bass on Beds

River Salmon

Cranky Smallmouth

Rainbows and Rapalas

Cranking Pike and Bass

Drop-Shot Rainbows

Cranking Walleyes

Chinook Salmon on Planar Boards

Ling Cod

Night Walleye

Bobber Steelhead

Summer northern pike on Blade Runner spinnerbaits

River rainbow trout on River2Sea stand'n yabbies

Late summer topwater Smallmouth Bass on Reaction Innovations Vixen

Spring largemouth bass on Castaic Swimbaits

Summer drop-shot smallmouth bass on Reaction Innovations 6.95 Flirt

River landlocked Chinook on Berkley soft plastics

Summer drop-shot perch on Robo Worm Leeches

Late Summer Largemouth Bass on Blade Runner Craw Jigs

Summer crappie on deep weed beds using Berkley Gulp Fish Fry

Early spring largemouth bass on Berkley 4 inch curl tail grubs