Spinnerbait Blade Types

Snaps on Spinnerbaits

Lures in Plastic Bags

Leader Length

Flashers vs. Dodgers

Flasher Setup for Chinook Salmon

Crankbait Profiles

Chatter Baits

Understanding soft plastic worm designs

Rigging options for hollow paddle tail swimbaits

Rigging options for soft plastic jerk baits

Rigging options for soft plastic tube baits

Rigging options for soft plastic stick baits

Rigging options for Reaction Innovations Beaver

Tuning a spinnerbait

Tune up your cranks

Adjusting a level wind reel to prevent back lashing

Making sense of scent for trout

Spooling Spin Reel

Wind Knot Prevention

Wacky Rigging

Spin Line Twist

Pegging a Worm Weight

Pegging Plastic

Line Memory

Hook Removal

Sharpening Hooks

Steelhead Lure Mod

Steelhead Bobber Set-Up

Steelhead Drifting Rig

Steelhead Backtrolling

Walleye Jig Head Colors

Walleye in Current

Smallmouth behind Dams

Smallmouth on Spillways

Ling Cod Drift Calculation

Bitsy Tube Bass

Moon phase for Night Walleye

Rod selection for trolling leadcore

Trailer hook for spinnerbait

Plug modification for steelhead

Mudlines to locate Chinook

Selecting Drop-Shot Weight

Cleanliness for river Chinook

River Chinook

Modifying a Rapala for rainbows

How to properly pitch a bait

Largies at Night


Isolated Structure for Crappie

Utilizing a marker buoy for crappie fishing

Boat control while trolling in the wind